There are some toilets that are appealing and then there are also some that are so appalling that you can barely enter the toilet stall. If you would actually ask people what they think about the toilets that they have encountered whenever they travel, you may be surprised by the number of stories that you will hear.

I even have my own public toilet story. There was a time when I had to travel by bus for 12 hours. One of the stopovers was this public toilet in the middle of the field. There is an actual toilet in the middle of the field. It was a short walk from the highway probably about five minutes. When I got there, there were drums of water everywhere and there were hoses from where the water is coming from. The moment I saw the toilet though, there was no water. The caretakers of the toilet also asked for a donation maybe to keep the water flowing.

Why You Need to Have Clean Toilets When Traveling
Why You Need to Have Clean Toilets When Traveling

My story is not that bad, especially when compared to other people’s toilet stories. It can be worse when the toilet that you fear is the one in your hotel room. One of the things that you may look for when finding the right hotel room is a nice toilet. I also have another story about that. I booked a hotel room before wherein I had to sit at the toilet bowl in order to take a bath. The comfort room was that small. Needless to say, I only stayed for a night in that hotel. It cannot be denied that you need clean toilets when you are traveling.

If you want to see more hotel toilet designs, you can check this link: Do you want to have a hotel toilet with comfortable toilet and bath? Are you already okay with common bathrooms or would you rather stay in a hotel room with a private bathroom of your own? The choice will be up to you.

What is the importance of having clean toilets anyway? These are just a few things that you should remember:

  • You will feel at ease whenever you are using the bathroom. Let us use the example that I mentioned about having to sit on the toilet bowl whenever I had to take a bath. It did not make me feel clean especially since the toilet did not have any cover. I felt like the toilet water was mixing with the bath water. It was a really weird experience.
  • There are just days when you are traveling when you would like to be assured that your comfort room will remain clean during your whole stay. When you cannot flush your poop no matter how hard you try, it will be enough to dampen your vacation. This is not something that you want to happen at all.
  • You will have no trouble defecating whenever you need to do so. Some people have reported being constipated when they do not like the bathroom of their hotel. This will not be a problem when the toilet seems nice.

Can you still think of other reasons why you should have a clean toilet when you book your hotel room?

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