For some, an early morning cup of coffee is just a refreshing drink. For others that first spike of caffeine is an ultimate necessity without which they just cannot function.  If you are in love with a specific and hard to find beverage then you need to ask yourself one question;  should you make space for and take a beverage maker along when you travel?

Well, of course, the amount of packing space will have a huge impact on your decision.  If you are flying then you likely won’t have enough space for these large and bulky machines.  But if you are looking for a hotel, resort or a self-catering holiday accommodation then we say yes, you definitely need to take your beverage maker along.

Should You Take Your Beverage Maker Along When You Travel?
Should You Take Your Beverage Maker Along When You Travel?

The Best Beverage Makers to Have With You on Holiday

There are lots of different machines available on the market today that allow you to make a huge variety of fine tasting drinks.  Here are the top machine types to have with you on holiday;

Coffee And Espresso Maker Combo – If you have the best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo machine then you can make just about any coffee flavoured drink under the sun.  These machines allow you to brew all flavours of espressos and coffees and you can make a variety of other drinks such as cappuccino, frappuccino, caffe latte, double espresso, caramel drinks, iced coffees and so much more with just this handy machine.

Portable Water Filter – If you want to save money on bottled water then get a portable water filter and clean your own water before pouring it into your drink containers.  You will be guaranteed that the water you drink is perfectly clean and pest free.

Blender – Cannot survive without your healthy smoothie, protein shake or your juice?  Then taking along your blender is a great choice.  Blenders can be used to crush ice, fruits, froth kinds of milk and so much more and this little function allows you to make a huge variety of fine tasting drinks at your holiday accommodation.  The best part is that these machines don’t take up too much space since they are rather compact in size.

Sparkling Drink Maker – Health freaks absolutely love these machines because they can make their own sparkly drinks and have full control over the amount of sugar and artificial they add to their drinks. If you love soda and want to avoid all those sweet and unhealthy elements in store-bought sodas then you should most certainly take your sparkling beverage maker along.

Portable Fridge – Your holiday accommodation likely has a fridge but a portable mini fridge is still a must for your travels.  These handy machines can be used inside the car and on the go in order to keep your beverages nice and icy.  They are perfect for staying refreshed and cool while exploring the unknown world and we strongly feel that every car should have one of these machines.

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