How You Can Avoid Food Poisoning When Traveling

There are a lot of people who love to travel and they mix it with their love of eating. They make it a point to visit certain places all over the world. At the same time, they try out the cuisines that are available there.

It is a known fact that trying out new food can be fun until your body reacts negatively. It can be very uncomfortable when you start having an upset stomach, vomiting, and diarrhea while you are there. You cannot just forego eating local food especially if it is the only type of food that is available in the area. How can you prevent getting ill?

How You Can Avoid Food Poisoning When Traveling
How You Can Avoid Food Poisoning When Traveling

Purchasing Your Own Ingredients

One of the things that you can do is to purchase local ingredients and cooking the food yourself. This way you can be sure that you are picking quality food products. You can also clean the food products properly to prevent dirt and bacteria from contaminating the food. Grill the food that you have purchased because this is easy to do. There are unique ideas that you can find online that you can follow to cook or grill your food properly.

These are other tips that can help prevent possible food poisoning during one of your travels:

  • Look for foods that are so hot and steaming. Bacteria and other potential contaminants usually get killed in very high temperatures. It may be tempting to try out everything but make sure that the food is hot first before you put it in your mouth. Lukewarm food may have more bacteria because the temperature can promote the growth of bacteria.
  • Eat in places where the locals also eat. You can be assured that people already trust the food that is being offered there and they have not encountered any unpleasant experiences that will make them not want to come back.
  • Check if the food is being prepared with proper hygiene. There are some street foods that may seem tempting but when you see how they are being prepared, you may change your mind immediately. In some places, people will not wear gloves while preparing your food. Plus, the food may not be stored properly too. Look for vendors that use tongs in order to give you your food or look for those that are preparing your food in a fresh manner.
  • Never forget to wash your hands. You may be too concerned with the way that vendors are preparing your food that you begin to forget about your own hands. Just imagine being out on an adventure the whole day. Then, the moment that you eat, you may use your hands without washing. This can make you more susceptible to germs and bacteria.
  • Always drink water that is safe and make sure that you are also getting clean ice. There are a lot of travelers who start having some issues not because of the food but because of the unclean water that they have consumed. Always have clean water as this can help you out.

Remember that the dishes that are commonly made in the area are known to be prepared in a fresher and cleaner way so it is best to eat local cuisine prepared correctly by vendors and restaurants.

Ways on How You Can Preserve Your Travel Memories

Do you know what is the secret of people who live more fulfilled lives? They usually invest in memories and experiences as compared to investing in things. Of course, having great investments will allow you to live a comfortable life but you should not forget about living your life to the fullest while you are at it.

There are a lot of people who have discovered their love for traveling. Some people only travel in order to let other people know that they have visited certain places. They are too concerned about the things that they have to bring and wear that they never get to enjoy the place that they are in anymore.

When you travel in order to experience new things, your efforts become more fulfilling. You will realize that jumping from that high cliff will give you an adrenaline rush that is so different from purchasing something expensive. You will probably remember the feeling that you have experienced while you were traveling but you may not always remember all the things that you have done especially when you take frequent trips.

Ways on How You Can Preserve Your Travel Memories
Ways on How You Can Preserve Your Travel Memories

How are you going to immortalize your trips? This can be easy to do as long as you will be creative. There are some people who take pictures of their feet when a famous landmark can be seen. Some even make it as their extra income especially when they learn Where To Sell Feet Pictures. You can also place some of the notable pictures that you have taken in one photo book. Some would do this by sharing a picture on their social media accounts.

There are more unique and physical mementos that you can get so that you will remember more memories regarding your trip.

Get a Map and Pin Your Travel Memories

You can get a map of your own country or a map of the world. You can pin the areas that you have visited so that you will remember that you have been there. Some people are particularly good at remembering the places that they have visited but there are also some who may sometimes forget. If there is some space, you can also place when you have visited. This will help you create a timeline of the places that you have visited over a certain period of time.

Get Keychains and Ref Magnets

A lot of people may think that keychains and ref magnets are so common but collecting them will still be great travel souvenirs. A lot of places collect their own ref magnets and keychains. You will be supporting the locals when you do this. Whenever you see the ref magnets and they keychains, you will remember the fun that you have had when you visited the place.

Create Your Own Travel Journal

This may look like a slumbook. This is the best option available for you if you want to have a lot of memories without sharing your pictures with other people. This is the place where you can place all of your memories without having to worry that you will be judged by other people for the thoughts and feelings that you may have regarding your trip.

With all of these things in mind, you can preserve

Should You Take Your Beverage Maker Along When You Travel?

For some, an early morning cup of coffee is just a refreshing drink. For others that first spike of caffeine is an ultimate necessity without which they just cannot function.  If you are in love with a specific and hard to find beverage then you need to ask yourself one question;  should you make space for and take a beverage maker along when you travel?

Well, of course, the amount of packing space will have a huge impact on your decision.  If you are flying then you likely won’t have enough space for these large and bulky machines.  But if you are looking for a hotel, resort or a self-catering holiday accommodation then we say yes, you definitely need to take your beverage maker along.

Should You Take Your Beverage Maker Along When You Travel?
Should You Take Your Beverage Maker Along When You Travel?

The Best Beverage Makers to Have With You on Holiday

There are lots of different machines available on the market today that allow you to make a huge variety of fine tasting drinks.  Here are the top machine types to have with you on holiday;

Coffee And Espresso Maker Combo – If you have the best Coffee and Espresso Maker Combo machine then you can make just about any coffee flavoured drink under the sun.  These machines allow you to brew all flavours of espressos and coffees and you can make a variety of other drinks such as cappuccino, frappuccino, caffe latte, double espresso, caramel drinks, iced coffees and so much more with just this handy machine.

Portable Water Filter – If you want to save money on bottled water then get a portable water filter and clean your own water before pouring it into your drink containers.  You will be guaranteed that the water you drink is perfectly clean and pest free.

Blender – Cannot survive without your healthy smoothie, protein shake or your juice?  Then taking along your blender is a great choice.  Blenders can be used to crush ice, fruits, froth kinds of milk and so much more and this little function allows you to make a huge variety of fine tasting drinks at your holiday accommodation.  The best part is that these machines don’t take up too much space since they are rather compact in size.

Sparkling Drink Maker – Health freaks absolutely love these machines because they can make their own sparkly drinks and have full control over the amount of sugar and artificial they add to their drinks. If you love soda and want to avoid all those sweet and unhealthy elements in store-bought sodas then you should most certainly take your sparkling beverage maker along.

Portable Fridge – Your holiday accommodation likely has a fridge but a portable mini fridge is still a must for your travels.  These handy machines can be used inside the car and on the go in order to keep your beverages nice and icy.  They are perfect for staying refreshed and cool while exploring the unknown world and we strongly feel that every car should have one of these machines.

Must Have Travel Gadgets That Will Give You A Superhero Travel Experience

In the world that is full of technology, everything has become so easy and convenient. There are new gadgets every day and they are meant to make our lives easier. Traveling does not have to be boring, there are many gadgets that can make our traveling experience different. There are however many innovative gadgets and they are not the same, it is good to know which ones to buy. Some of the best travel gadgets to have included:

Must Have Travel Gadgets That Will Give You A Superhero Travel Experience
Must Have Travel Gadgets That Will Give You A Superhero Travel Experience

Fitness gadgets

In a world where everyone is craving to be fit, it is good to carry a fitness gadget. It is important to use gadgets to monitor your heart-rate and general fitness level. There are many fitness gadgets you can use such as heart rate monitors to ensure optimal heart health, fitness genes which will design training plans based on your genes, smart cups to make sure that you are hydrated enough to attain your hydration goals.

Mini travel steam iron

While you are traveling you would also want your clothes to be pressed and neat and thus it is worth investing in a mini portable steam iron. The smallest portable iron is the size of a computer mouse and has a 420-watt motor with three heating levels. If you are traveling for a business trip or an important meeting, then you should consider investing in one.

Water purifier bottle

Contaminated drinking water is one of the major causes of health problems while you are traveling. Buying bottled water may be expensive in the long run and may be inconvenient as there are some places you will not find bottled water easily. The good news is that there is a portable water purifier. It is very convenient especially if you are on a trip to remote areas. One of the purifiers is the Grayl’s ultralight purifier. It will take you 15 seconds to get purified water.

Pocket size washing machine

Doing laundry is one of the things that may be a major concern while you are traveling considering many people do not travel with a lot of stuff. With the Scrubba wash bag, you don’t have to worry about doing laundry anymore. You will conveniently do laundry from anywhere is a cheap and effective way as long as you have 2-4 liters of water and soap. It is a great asset for backpackers and those doing camping.

Universal plug adapter

Every place has its own kind of outlet. Getting an all in one universal adapter will be very convenient for you since you don’t have to have different kinds of adapters to use in different places. It will also save you from having to buy an extension. There are many types of universal plug adapters and you will need to do your research and comparison in order to end up with the best.

Wireless router

This can help you ensure that you always have a secure internet connection. It converts a wired connection into a safe wireless connection.

8 Advantages of Traveling by Motorbike

When most people think of traveling, they think of a plane ride, a drive, and a final vacation destination. What they miss out on is a mental, physical, and spiritual journey that they won’t be forgetting any time soon. Such is the sort of experience that traveling by motorbike creates and probably the reason why everyone should consider traveling by motorbike at least once in their lifetime. We are going to take a look at 9 advantages of traveling by motorbike that will make you want to take things to another whole new level and try it out.

8 Advantages of Traveling by Motorbike
8 Advantages of Traveling by Motorbike

Being Part of the Landscape

One of the best things about traveling by motorbike is the fact that you become a part of the landscape. You actually get to feel the environment, whether it is the warmth, the sun, the rain, the air, and even getting a taste of occasional bugs. This is something that creates some of the best memories you could ever imagine, memories that could last a lifetime. Forget the air-conditioned atmosphere in a car or plane, or the fact that you might not even see the landscape, a motorbike makes it a part of your experience.

On Your Own Time

Imagine traveling in a group with others, whether it is a tour bus or plane. You would have to work with their schedules, doing things as they deem best. By traveling with a motorbike, you’re the one that sets the rules. If you Spot a restaurant that you’d like to try out in the Italian hillsides, all you have to do is stop and make your order. You won’t have to ask permission from the tour leader, who will keep complaining about keeping to the schedule.

Panoramic View

When traveling by motorbike, one gets to see everything from an unobstructed view. This means that they will get to enjoy the views better, and even feel it. When you ride down a gravel road, you actually get to feel the bumpiness and even the dust. There is a huge difference between that and seeing everything from a train or bus, not even when you look out of their windows.

Take a Better Selfie

We all like taking pictures of things that are pleasant to our eyes but imagine doing that from a train window. It wouldn’t be as easy as stopping your motorcycle and taking that photo, even if it is a selfie. You can even wear a highway camera on your helmet and capture the whole riding experience.

Taking the Road Less Traveled

With a motorcycle, you get to choose the road to take, and the best thing is that they make it easy to take the less beaten track for a more enhanced experience. You can make detours along the way, even using paths that cars can’t use. This is the freedom that you can’t find with many other forms of travel.

Be More Social

It is easier for a biker to interact with locals and other people along the way. People find it easier to talk to you since you look normal traveling alone. It is different from traveling alone by car or bus since a motorcycle makes one fit in better with everyone else.

Save Money

If you compare renting a motorcycle versus renting a car, you’ll find that a motorcycle will feel like a fraction of the car cost. There is also the fact that the motorcycle will use far less fuel as compared to cars and other forms of transport. Another thing about bikers is the fact that they are less likely to stay at the Hilton, and would rather book in at a motor lodge, and even eat at a local eatery.

An Engaging Experience

Since you will be the one controlling the motorcycle, you will need to use your head more. There are decisions that you’ll have to make along the way regarding the road, weather, and other things, that make it a more engaging experience. This will make your travel experience more adventurous.

Bike Maintenance

Still, on the issue of biking, we are now going to shift to bike maintenance tips so that you can get an idea of what to do before your next biking trip. These are tips that have been compiled by Bikers’ Basics that every biker should look at.

  • Tires – ensure the pressure is right, check for damages, and ensure that the tread is at the minimum condition recommended by law or the manufacturer.
  • Brakes – inspect them daily before you take off. Ensure that the brake pads aren’t worn out or too thin. Ensure there is sufficient brake fluid, getting a new one when the previous bottle gets moisture.
  • Chain – ensure that it has the right tension, is well lubricated and sprayed, and the oil reservoir is well topped up.
  • Shaft – replace the drive shaft oil when changing the engine oil
  • Belts – ensure that it is clean to prevent damage and spillage, and check the tension and adjust when changing the engine oil.
  • Fuel filter – check occasionally to ensure that it isn’t clogged.
  • Oil – always ensure that the bike has enough oil, but don’t overfill. Use the dipstick to ensure it isn’t too much or too little.


After reading the advantages of traveling by motorcycle, I bet you’re already imagining your next trip. You will have to make sure that the bike is well maintained if you intend to have a hustle free trip. Follow the tips by Bikers’ Metrics, mentioned above.

Fun Activities You Can Do While You Are On Holiday

Regardless of age, most people always look forward to their holidays. The holidays are a good time to unwind and re-energize. Holidays don’t have to be boring, as much as it is a time that you are supposed to chill, there are many fun activities that you can also do to keep your days going. Some of the fun activities that you can do while you are on holiday include:

Go on a vacation

This is the most common thing that most people do. It may, however, be hard to do a vacation on the entire time that you have your holidays. Some people are of the opinion that you need to have a lot of money in order to go on vacation. The truth is all you need is proper planning. That means you need to identify your destination on time, the activities that you look forward to doing and the duration of stay. That will help you set a budget and work towards it so that by the time the holiday comes you are all set. It also helps to buy the flight tickets early enough as they are cheaper. Last minute flights will cost you more and the extra you are spending you would have used it elsewhere.

Fun Activities You Can Do While You Are On Holiday
Fun Activities You Can Do While You Are On Holiday

Try out a new hobby

The world becomes more fun if we are always trying out new things. There are many hobbies that you can try out such as photography, dancing, freelancing, gardening etc. The good thing is that the internet is rich in learning resources and if for example you are trying out gardening and want to know how to grow cabbage you can click here. For some hobbies, you just have to try it out on the ground until you become perfect. Some you actually have to go to school to learn. Be sure to explore your options to find out what will best work out for you.

Learn a new skill

Learning a new skill is not only fun but will help you in your workplace as well. Maybe that new skill is all you need in order to get a promotion at work. Since there are many things that you can learn, you need to identify your interests to find out what will be most relevant to you and how it will impact you.

Meditation and self-discovery

Initially, this was a big trend in Asia but it has now moved to other places as well. Meditation is very hard for most people but it helps you release your inner power and discover yourself. That will help you do away with unnecessary things in your life, be clear on what you want and what you want to achieve. That will help you to be more focused when you go back to work and live a more meaningful life according to your purpose. Meditation is also a great way to combat stress and live a healthier balanced life.

Safety First! This is How You Can Avoid Accidents When Travelling

That excitement for vacationing often makes you forget that you are susceptible to the so many risks when you are out and about. These trips that are supposed to give you wonderful memories often turn into worst experiences of life just because you become a little careless. Vacations shouldn’t be nightmares of your life, so you should be heedful.

Safety First! This is How You Can Avoid Accidents When Travelling
Safety First! This is How You Can Avoid Accidents When Travelling

In this article, we would be helping you to make your trips memorable by telling you some safety tips.

Traffic accidents:

Risks are higher particularly when you are in a foreign country. You are not familiar with the traffic rules at an unknown place and safety requirements are also different in different countries. You need to do things on your own. Things you can do are;

  • Make yourself conversant of the local traffic laws
  • Read online user reviews if you are going to get a local rental car.
  • Avoid traveling on overcrowded local buses.
  • Choose areas wisely to travel at night. It should be safe.
  • Wear a helmet or other safety gears if you are riding a motorcycle or bicycle.

Keep the adventurous activities at the safety level:

Some passionate travelers want to experience all the fun activities they can in a new country. These activities are dangerous sometimes such as rafting, climbing, diving, and bungee jumping. You should be well aware of the critical safety information before you try any of these activities. Furthermore, the equipment shouldn’t be outdated. You should;

  • Go through the stories of people who have had this experience and what tips they have for you.
  • Before leaving for the tour, arrange a meeting with some adventure expert and seek guidance.

Beware of the wildlife:

You would be exposed to many hiding animals and insects when you would be having experiences of your life at unknown places. Snakes, jellyfish, stingrays, and other small insects are commonly found that you should be aware of. Tips for these dangerous encounters are;

  • It is better to stay away from wildlife. Your life is more important than a good selfie.
  • Feeding the wildlife might seem exciting but it is better to avoid it as some animals are aggressive.
  • Beware of the stray cats and dogs that are found on the streets in many countries.

Deal it wisely if you get injured:

Accidents can happen even if you are careful. They often happen to the parked cars as well. You just need to behave wisely when your car gets hit by someone. He may be claiming that he didn’t do it but you can always cover your damages through your lawyer. He/she would have to pay for the injuries you have been caused because of their negligence. You do not even have to wait for the settlement because you can get a loan against it. You wouldn’t have to face the financial issues to cover your legal requirements to file this case.

Legal bay is a funding company that can help you get your money before settlement. This is one of the top legal settlement funding companies which help you get your money within 24 hours. Wouldn’t that be great if you could get money within a day? They would do anything to get your lawsuit approved. You wouldn’t have to face any risks as you only pay if you get your money. They give their offers at the best price. The application procedure is also simple. They have a form on their website that you can fill in seconds, then it is a matter of only 24 hours.

5 Steps to Planning a Memorable Vacation

We all look forward to that vacation as time approaches. It is a break from our daily routines and the opportunity to go somewhere else. When we come back from vacations we usually feel reenergized and even tend to perform better in our work. There is a lot that goes into planning a vacation, depending on factors such as the reason for the vacation, the destination, the budget, and the people going on the vacation with you. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 steps to planning a memorable vacation.

5 Steps to Planning a Memorable Vacation
5 Steps to Planning a Memorable Vacation

Choose the top places you’d like to go

Deciding on the places that you would actually like to go can be quite a daunting task since there are other things such as the budget that affect it. it is best to plan for a destination within your budget, and also plan for any additional expenses that you might incur while there.

Set a budget

How much money do you have at your disposal for the vacation? You need to put everything into the budget, including travel, accommodation, meals, shopping, etc. cut down on the things that can make the budget go overboard.

Look for deals

There are many websites that offer travel and vacation deals that you might want to check out and go for. They can help you save money on some of the services so that it can be spent elsewhere. It is also a great morale booster when one realizes that they are working under their budget.

Work and save

Saving for a vacation is probably the best way to plan for a vacation so that you won’t have to borrow money or incur credit card interest rates. You need to motivate yourself to save, pinning the image of your vacation in your mind.

Go and enjoy

If you have gotten to this point it means that you have done all of the points above and even paid for the vacation. It is now time to go on that vacation and enjoy yourself, creating memories that will live with you forever.

Custom Star Maps

There are many reasons to go on vacation such as taking a break from work, to enjoy, to visit new places, and many more. One common thing about vacations is that they give us experiences that are memorable. One of the best ways of keeping these memories alive is through custom star maps. You can create a custom star map as a way of remembering memories such as engagements, weddings, the first kiss, graduation, among others. When creating a custom star map, you can personalize it with their design tool to make it better suited to you or the person you wish to gift it to. The maps come in sizes of 8×10 to 24×36 and are made of quality matte paper and hand stretched canvas. When creating the custom star map, one has the option of choosing styles and designs from the database that is rich with options. Shipping in the US and Canada is free, and the orders arrive a few days after placing them.


We should all set some time and finances aside for a vacation every now and then, since they come with numerous advantages, such as rest. These vacations can be documented on custom star maps so that we can keep the memories of the vacations alive.

Things You Should Never Forget To Do Before You Leave For A Business Trip!

Business trips are crucial as your career would be defined by its success or failure whether it’s your own business or you are doing it as a job. Missing out even some minor details can cost you a fortune. Therefore, you need to make sure you are carrying every important thing, whether tangible or intangible, with you.

Things You Should Never Forget To Do Before You Leave For A Business Trip!
Things You Should Never Forget To Do Before You Leave For A Business Trip!

Here, we have come up with a checklist that would not leave you in an awkward situation. It would also help you have peace of mind. Read on to know:

Check the expiry dates:

Expiry of your identification can get you in a situation in some foreign country. You definitely don’t want that. Check the expiry date of your driving license as you will not be able to rent a car with an expired license. Finding it out at the nick of the time is something you will never want. You can check the dates on your RMV website. Similarly, check the expiration date of your passport as well. Finding it out timely can save you from holding your trip for six weeks because this is the time required to get a new passport.

Out-of-Town Medical Insurance:

You should also be prepared for an out-of-town emergency. Explore the options of your insurance policy and check what medical facilities you will be getting in case of emergency. If you want to get your cover claimed, you are required to notify the insurance company within 24 hours of using the medical facilities while in another city. Check with your insurance company to know more about the requirements.

Inform your bank and credit card companies:

You need to inform your bank and credit card company that you will be out of town so they take care of all the payments made in another country. Give them details of your travel dates and locations. Sometimes, payments are denied by the banks when the transactions are being done in a foreign country and there is nothing worse than being out of money at an unknown city.

Inform your support system about your plan:

Folks who you can count on should know about all the plans. Tell your close friends and family members all the details about your stay so that they can keep checking in on you. They would also be of help in an emergency situation.

Attend a conference:

No one is born a leader. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to be successful in any field. Motivation plays an instrumental part too. One can get motivation through business conferences where they tell you how you can develop certain skills to be a great leader. Attending such kind of training can help get most out of your business trip. You would come across the things you should strictly stick to, the things you should avoid and the mistakes most people make but you shouldn’t.

‘skillpath seminars’ is holding the Leadership Conferences 2019 that you can attend before leaving for your tour. Their main topic of the course is business skills training where you get motivated and conquer your setbacks. Also, you would leave the room with so many new skills. This would be the experience for the lifetime. However, doing it just before going to a business tour would pave paths for you. You can find the dates of the live seminar on the website of ‘Skillpath.’ They will be arranging these seminars in many cities and you can explore more on their website. It would be worth your time, do attend.

Why You Need to Have Clean Toilets When Traveling

There are some toilets that are appealing and then there are also some that are so appalling that you can barely enter the toilet stall. If you would actually ask people what they think about the toilets that they have encountered whenever they travel, you may be surprised by the number of stories that you will hear.

I even have my own public toilet story. There was a time when I had to travel by bus for 12 hours. One of the stopovers was this public toilet in the middle of the field. There is an actual toilet in the middle of the field. It was a short walk from the highway probably about five minutes. When I got there, there were drums of water everywhere and there were hoses from where the water is coming from. The moment I saw the toilet though, there was no water. The caretakers of the toilet also asked for a donation maybe to keep the water flowing.

Why You Need to Have Clean Toilets When Traveling
Why You Need to Have Clean Toilets When Traveling

My story is not that bad, especially when compared to other people’s toilet stories. It can be worse when the toilet that you fear is the one in your hotel room. One of the things that you may look for when finding the right hotel room is a nice toilet. I also have another story about that. I booked a hotel room before wherein I had to sit at the toilet bowl in order to take a bath. The comfort room was that small. Needless to say, I only stayed for a night in that hotel. It cannot be denied that you need clean toilets when you are traveling.

If you want to see more hotel toilet designs, you can check this link: Do you want to have a hotel toilet with comfortable toilet and bath? Are you already okay with common bathrooms or would you rather stay in a hotel room with a private bathroom of your own? The choice will be up to you.

What is the importance of having clean toilets anyway? These are just a few things that you should remember:

  • You will feel at ease whenever you are using the bathroom. Let us use the example that I mentioned about having to sit on the toilet bowl whenever I had to take a bath. It did not make me feel clean especially since the toilet did not have any cover. I felt like the toilet water was mixing with the bath water. It was a really weird experience.
  • There are just days when you are traveling when you would like to be assured that your comfort room will remain clean during your whole stay. When you cannot flush your poop no matter how hard you try, it will be enough to dampen your vacation. This is not something that you want to happen at all.
  • You will have no trouble defecating whenever you need to do so. Some people have reported being constipated when they do not like the bathroom of their hotel. This will not be a problem when the toilet seems nice.

Can you still think of other reasons why you should have a clean toilet when you book your hotel room?