When most people think of traveling, they think of a plane ride, a drive, and a final vacation destination. What they miss out on is a mental, physical, and spiritual journey that they won’t be forgetting any time soon. Such is the sort of experience that traveling by motorbike creates and probably the reason why everyone should consider traveling by motorbike at least once in their lifetime. We are going to take a look at 9 advantages of traveling by motorbike that will make you want to take things to another whole new level and try it out.

8 Advantages of Traveling by Motorbike
8 Advantages of Traveling by Motorbike

Being Part of the Landscape

One of the best things about traveling by motorbike is the fact that you become a part of the landscape. You actually get to feel the environment, whether it is the warmth, the sun, the rain, the air, and even getting a taste of occasional bugs. This is something that creates some of the best memories you could ever imagine, memories that could last a lifetime. Forget the air-conditioned atmosphere in a car or plane, or the fact that you might not even see the landscape, a motorbike makes it a part of your experience.

On Your Own Time

Imagine traveling in a group with others, whether it is a tour bus or plane. You would have to work with their schedules, doing things as they deem best. By traveling with a motorbike, you’re the one that sets the rules. If you Spot a restaurant that you’d like to try out in the Italian hillsides, all you have to do is stop and make your order. You won’t have to ask permission from the tour leader, who will keep complaining about keeping to the schedule.

Panoramic View

When traveling by motorbike, one gets to see everything from an unobstructed view. This means that they will get to enjoy the views better, and even feel it. When you ride down a gravel road, you actually get to feel the bumpiness and even the dust. There is a huge difference between that and seeing everything from a train or bus, not even when you look out of their windows.

Take a Better Selfie

We all like taking pictures of things that are pleasant to our eyes but imagine doing that from a train window. It wouldn’t be as easy as stopping your motorcycle and taking that photo, even if it is a selfie. You can even wear a highway camera on your helmet and capture the whole riding experience.

Taking the Road Less Traveled

With a motorcycle, you get to choose the road to take, and the best thing is that they make it easy to take the less beaten track for a more enhanced experience. You can make detours along the way, even using paths that cars can’t use. This is the freedom that you can’t find with many other forms of travel.

Be More Social

It is easier for a biker to interact with locals and other people along the way. People find it easier to talk to you since you look normal traveling alone. It is different from traveling alone by car or bus since a motorcycle makes one fit in better with everyone else.

Save Money

If you compare renting a motorcycle versus renting a car, you’ll find that a motorcycle will feel like a fraction of the car cost. There is also the fact that the motorcycle will use far less fuel as compared to cars and other forms of transport. Another thing about bikers is the fact that they are less likely to stay at the Hilton, and would rather book in at a motor lodge, and even eat at a local eatery.

An Engaging Experience

Since you will be the one controlling the motorcycle, you will need to use your head more. There are decisions that you’ll have to make along the way regarding the road, weather, and other things, that make it a more engaging experience. This will make your travel experience more adventurous.

Bike Maintenance

Still, on the issue of biking, we are now going to shift to bike maintenance tips so that you can get an idea of what to do before your next biking trip. These are tips that have been compiled by Bikers’ Basics that every biker should look at.

  • Tires – ensure the pressure is right, check for damages, and ensure that the tread is at the minimum condition recommended by law or the manufacturer.
  • Brakes – inspect them daily before you take off. Ensure that the brake pads aren’t worn out or too thin. Ensure there is sufficient brake fluid, getting a new one when the previous bottle gets moisture.
  • Chain – ensure that it has the right tension, is well lubricated and sprayed, and the oil reservoir is well topped up.
  • Shaft – replace the drive shaft oil when changing the engine oil
  • Belts – ensure that it is clean to prevent damage and spillage, and check the tension and adjust when changing the engine oil.
  • Fuel filter – check occasionally to ensure that it isn’t clogged.
  • Oil – always ensure that the bike has enough oil, but don’t overfill. Use the dipstick to ensure it isn’t too much or too little.


After reading the advantages of traveling by motorcycle, I bet you’re already imagining your next trip. You will have to make sure that the bike is well maintained if you intend to have a hustle free trip. Follow the tips by Bikers’ Metrics, mentioned above.

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